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Lafayette, Indiana

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14 Thursday Evening May 9 igjgVff i 38 WBAA PURDUE OTHER LISTINGS 39 41 and 84 65 Board 5 26 34 35 Utt TMlMf Zb i Believe It or Not! by RIPLEY 'In J9 Bl HIM NOT TO KNOW i a ft MON thru WASK 1450 Kc This Is Mutual UH OHL Presented by parents received by a 4 OUii UNNY RIENDS Copt 144 Kng ettam Syndote Im Vorid rights eesnved ZERO IN YOUR) ARITHMETIC a S' i 41 you MEANS BETTER CLEANING One Lake Lost rt A Wii 3 MoobSi iffllllMiiWsW I 6 'i ran color: figure I HE HAVE TO BE HIT BY WHAT )S MRS JIGGS GOING TO HAVE OR dinner tonight? I i 10 11 soy and that 13a IO' it W6 HAS PEMO VATAOMt PACT SQUAB PLEASE THE RADIO SAID HE MAY HAVE BEEN HIT BY A CAR AND BE WANDERING AROUND IN A THIS TIME THERE MOST BE NO MISTAKE YOUR OWN Lire WHAPAYr PALOOKA 1:00 PM nibnd NICE WORK TH AT WAS A PERECT SHOT THIS telescopic SIGHT IS THE INEST I'VE EVER USED' dam Total digestible protein in bean oil meal for animals poultry is four to five times of cereal grains fKt Peach OAIGIHATED in IRAN IT WAS CALLED A PERSlCUM (Person Apple) DISAPPEARANCE IS NOW KNOWN 55 58 SHE'S AS GOOD AS OUT THREE hundred YARDS IT MUST BE A UUtL rVK i HMi SISTER! BEING LET ALONE 60 MUCH! BIGGEST BARGAIN IN CLEAN UN ESS I LOOK MISS ALL I KNOW IS I HE SIGNED IT HE i SENT IT John NEELY Detroit ffltCh HAS PREDICTED ff fly MAJOR EAR1HQUALE in the worldfor the Past 7 years THE PAPERS AND RADIO ARE CONTINUING TO PLAY IT UP 1ft OUND MOW DO YOU KNOW THAT THEY WILL PLAY MAI GAME7J 49 50 52 56 57 59 60 61 62 63 REWORK! THAT GOOD ENOUGH' lAUdty (Uku wall i YE5I SEE HERAT I THE WINDOW NOW 1 LAME! WATCHING THEM LEAVE! POOR CHILD! 4 being v' talked about uture the Makins Want 804 Main St 848 Main SL? 805 State Columbia Main St Kossuth ourth and erry Streets 1241 ourteenth Street' Waynetown Scene of Veteran's Wedding WAYNETOWN May 9 The marriage of Miss Doris Taylor and Kenneth Smith took place at 2:30 m) Sunday at the irst Baptist church The bride is the AAV AND MAJOR M'LANE SPEND THEIli TIME MR5 WORTH! ON THE RONT 5IEH5 THESE DAYS AS REGULARLY' A5 THE MORNINGS MILK! NOW THE OBJECT I5T0 IN THE TRUNK UN IHb Wool Garments Are Pro tected rom Moth Damage by the Monite Process When Crown Cleaned CROWN LAUNDRY COME ONNOW' ONE MODE GOOD HEAVE! LV 27 28 29 33 12 13 IL BRAZIL Ind CUP) Mrs Her man Emmert lost her five acre farm lake She had no idea to where it had gone' for the day before it was out' in backof barnyard with deep water chocked full of game fish Residents told 'her that it prob aoiy naa Broken through into one of the deep mine shafts which were formerly operated here RIDAY MORNING 8:00 Mornlnsr Revielle 8 OS Morning Request 10:15 Elsa Maxwell's Party Line 10 :30 In Movieland Lyle Van News 11:15 Songs by Morton Downey KIDAV MORNING News Program Prevues 1 1 5 Time 9:30 March Time 9:45 Morning News Summary Listen While Tou Work 10:30 Novatime Church the Wildwood 11 Hnllmin 11:15 Music of Manhattan 11 Treasurr Salute 11:45 Purdue News 11 :50 Moontime News SiNDBAR the sailor of The Arabian nights actually lived ANO THE TOWER HE 6LHLTT0 5IQRE RICHES STILL STANDS IN BASRAH WASK HIGHLIGHTS THURSDAY NIGHT 8:15 Shows Times and Places 7:30 Rogue's Gallery 3:05 Come and Get It 10:00 AU the News 10:30 The eeling Is Mutual Tommy Orch LAAYETTE JOURNAL AND COURIER JUST WATCH WIN THE PIN THE TAIL ON THE 'Al I Hlb rAKIY WETtt oUIN KJI! ALGY WEDMORE INVITES ME TO A PARTY? I KNOW WHO HE 1 5 BUT I NEVER EVEN MET THE GUY 23 24 26 30 Solution of Yesterday' Puzzle Allow the use of Coloring: agents Wt HAVE RENTED THE TOP LOOR A BUILDING WHICH IS ADJACENT TO THE STADIUM TONI THERE WE CAN COMMAND A VIEW THE RING 3L 32 34 36 87 King of the' golden toucn Variety of lettuce Article Caddis worm Dwarf animal Undeveloped flower Sports official Pilots Let the bait bob and dip Chop Pronoun Move eminine name Yawn Arab kingdom And not Similar Tardy Before 19 23 43 45 48 15 16 17 18 20 21 German of this prisoner of war enclosure were used in the construction and maintenance of the largest redeployment camp and Calais Staging area near Marseille rance Before Maj Moellering received overseas assignment he served as special staff officer for 11 months at ort Hayes Columbus and in the same capacity at ort Thomas Ky for 26 months' Before being recalled to 'active service in 1942 he was employed by the sales de partment 4 of a local automobile agency He Is a 1922 graduate of Purdue university and has been active in the Reserve Corps since June 1922 1 Li 37 38 40 41 42 44 45 46 47 51 53 I a I WBBM Valiant Breakfast 9 15 WGN News Road of News Charm School WMAQ red Waring to Barry Cameron Hymns of AH hurehe 1 1 :00 BM Kate Smith Speakr Breakfast tn Hollywood John Holbrook: New WLS Gil Martyn and Marvin Miller Musical Mflkwagon Helen Trsnt County Red Cross Posts Are illed The executive committee of the Tippecanoe County Red chapter announces the appoint ment of Mrs Inez Pyke as exec utive secretary of the chapter fil ling the vacancy created by the resignation of Mrs Thomas i Thomas (Miss Mary Mason) who was recently married XL 15 A COMMAATfOk the Jewish AND ChA'STiAN SYntoS RIDAY ATERNOON 1:15 Orchids for the Clerk 2:05 Rural Rhythm 3:00 Man on the Street Army Call Your Healths :45 Tom Mix RIDAY MORNING 7 :00 WLS arm News WBBM News News News Gil Hix 7 Chuck Acree Musical Clock 8 Morning Dr Holland WLS 2 Time Two Ton Baker 8 Happy Birthday Lady Club RIDAY APTKRNOON 12:00 arm Kuruni 12 Meet the Band 1 Homeinakehi Club 1:30 Tau Kappa Alpha 2 :0 Svnjchous Horn 3:00 Behind the Headline 3:15 Lee and Her Piano Masterworks of Muato Tea Tunes Little Mis Moffett 1 Vespers 5:15 Theater Time 5:30 The Sportsman New of the World Jr BUT MLL GEE GEE GO? this timp little red RIDING nuw IS GOING TO EAT THE 7 WOL uvAvrv Mr i uk inMIj ULL ILA) Ilfrim GET THAT DONE AND WE'LL I HAVE A BOAT WE CAN USE! Eleetrlrai Develop ACROSS Cabbage salad Period of time Male sheep Shove dwonl aL Central Amerl can tree Open court Small handful Undermine lat flsh Entirely Americas Indian Negative Birds of prey Regular Domestic ani mal Single thing Money hoarder Pronoun Cut short DOWN 1 Mineral springs 2 Die hidden 3 On the ocean Stand for bric a brac Evergreen tree Silkworm 7 Passageway 8 Puts back 9 Outcome Lessen Acts out of sorts Eternity Easily frightened Pikelike flsh Island of the West Indies Presently Pen point Apple juice Cut with a toothed tool Sharpeningr stone Princely Italian family Part song Worthless dog Billiard stick Construct anew Take care Little lie Gleam Drift Post Whirl Heavy wagon Portal Pieces out (SI Terminate I ALWAYS EETVeMTOnjM SsLUNfe Of IHfa HtL ron CI2IME py Cross i 4 1 RIDAY ATERNOON Martha and Helen Life Can Be Beautiful WGN Hymn You Love 1 3 WMAQ Reveille Roundup WGN armers Marker Reporter 12 Livestock Poultry Mar kets 13:45 Road of Ltf? News Guiding Light The second Mra Burton WLS Dinner Bell Time 16 Today's Children WLS Schoo) Time l30 Queen for a Day WLS News Julian Bentley Kowemary WMAQ Woman of America WLS Thia arming Business 2:15 WLS Rounding Up the World WGN Man on th Street 8:45 Linda irst Love Right to Hapninee 8:00 WBBM Hous Partv WLS Songs to Remember 8:30 WMAQ Lorenzo Jones WBBM Shopping with the Missus 8:45 WBBM MIhmum Goes to a Party 4:00 WBBM Paul Gibson WMAQ When Girl Marrla VVENR Glamour Manor Just Plain Bill WBBM Jesters and Louise Gold Coast WMAQ Dixie Handicap News WBBM The American Story 1n Song WENR Terry and the Pirates 5:15 WBBM A Date for Daddy Echoes of the Tropics Superman 5:30 Jack Armstrong WBBM Newb WGN Captain Midnight Robert Trout: News News WGN Tom Mil and his Straight Shooters CEDRIC OSTER PenetratinDberyationsJandsidelights on Kf nfws' tTje dny by one Crossword Puzzle THUKMJAY NIGHT Prayer Minute Dinner Hour: Victorious Llvlns Journey Behind News important meets 7:30 Eyes on the 7:45 History in 8:00 Music You 8:30 News THURSDAY NIGHT WBBM News WMAQ Jimmy Blade pianist WBBM Bennett Sisters Jack Berch show 4:30 WMAQ Houm Barty WBBM Mr Keep Tracer of Lost Persons WMAQ Kaltenbom Edita the news WGN Inside of Sports 7 :00 WMAQ Coffee Time WBBM Suspense Lum and Abner 7:30 WBBM The BI in Peace War WLS News Julian Bentley Open House Andre Kostelanotx WMAQ Music Hall WGN Heatter The Village Store Hobby Lobby WBBM Island Venture Curtain Tima WMAQ Abbott and Costello 9:30 WMAO Rudv ValUa "GN Crime iles of lamond tOrOO WGN Milt Hprtb Trio WBBM Lanny Ross Show l0t3fl WMAQ Incredible But True WENR Our Singing Land 10:45 Jack ulton WMAQ Bob Elson on the Centura Major Moellering Is Leaving Service Major "Bill" Moellering recently returned from rance and Is now at home 717 South Is inth street on terminal leave until July 3 when he will revert to inacitve status Maj Moeller ing has served for the past year as commanding officer of one of the largest German prisoner of war labor camns theater' of operation' 1 The 8000 MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief Many sufferers relieve nagging baekaeha aulckly once they discover that the real cause of their trouble may be tired kidneys The kidneys are chief way of tak ing the excess acids and waste outof the blood They help most people pass about 3 pints a day When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood it may cause nagging backache rheumatic pains leg pains losa of pep and energy get ting up nights swelling puffiness under the eyes headaches and dizziness requent or scanty passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder wait! Ask your druggist for tbmilant diuretic used successfully by millions for over 40 years Doan's give happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flushout poisonous waste from your blood Get Pills 4 i Student PrizeT'Awarded The annual student exhibit is now open the public at St rancis Art Studio Interested friends are invited to view the exhibit any day from 2 to 5 until May'25 Anyone de siring to visit the studio in the evening may make an appoint ment with Sister Rufinia ive $10 prizes were awarded Tuesday evening with Miss Dor othy Eisenbach and St John as judges Winners were Carol Gudeman rancesville com mercial art Donald Carter La fayette figure drawing from cast in pencil Wanda Evan Lafay ette life drawing in water color Marilyn Moore Lafayette still life in water color Martha Sturm West Lafayette oil landscape Honorable mention went to Judy Washburn Battle Ground still life in charcoal orest Horn Lafayette still life in oil Sue belle Taylor West Lafayette still life oil Carol Gudeman cesville still life in water Nona Molke Lafayette drawing in water color The prizes were donated friend of art from Ohio DRVI5 LEflliERS UBEA GREAT BREAK) OR US GILHOOLEY I THEY DON (rk TZ? I 'afr' HIM BEOpeA RADIO LISTENING GUIDE (All Programs Listed on Daylight Saving Tim a) UVB5GOOUT AND PMAGTKAI daughter of Mr and Mrs Lor! Taylor the bridegroom is the sori of the late Mr and Mrs Lu Smith and is a returned war ve' eran The Rev Riester of Reelsville read the double nng service before a large attendance The Bister Miss faxine Taylor was bridesmaid and the sister Mrs Hale was matron of honor with Mr Legg serving as best man Bridal music was played by Mrs Snyder Immediately after the wedding a reception was held at tne home of the bride near here The Rev Cletis Brown the degree of doctor of divinity at graduating exercises at rank lin college Sunday The Rev Brown is a graduate with the class of 1914 He is a former pas tor of the local irst Baptist church and is now pastor' of the irst Baptist church at Kokomo Mr and Mrs ern Birdcell at tended commencement exercises at Indiana university Sunday when their son Jack was gradu ated They were accompanied by Mrs Laura Birdcell and Mrs Moore Mrs Pyke has been Hn charge of home service activities' of the chapter since June 1945 and is well known in the community having lived in Lafayette for al number of years The duties of home service sec retary will be in charge of Mrs Ruth Greene who served during World war II with National Red Cross for nineteen months as field and club director in England and Ireland Upon her return to the United States she was ift charge of recreational: activities for Red Cross in an Army hospital San Antonio Tex until October 1945 The obligation of Red Cross to the returned Army personnel and those still in service is increasing in Tippecanoe county said Dickinson chapter chairman and every effort is being made to meet this need HERE'S A CHOICE MORSEL IN LARRY LyNCHELL'S COLUMN CHIE ALGY WEPMOPE WALL GAVE A PAVOAKE PAPTY K7QMOPPQW AAAGHT CELEOPAT MG AfG nt! PPfJn VA ririAJ A BOVS WMO STttAL'KlSSSy back in those davs vou alwaust ef Jumbo Peanut Butter at your Remember ask ymtr grocer for smooth in tfextura it spreads BKUld blends er with other Writ oda Tor 1 it sells out fast But when woet of Prize Wm I do get a jar enjoy Recipes' The uie lempung navor oi iresh rramr iea spice peanuts creamy uo Cincinnati 2 0 IS THAT PALSIED PLAYBOY STILL MARRYING PEOPLE SANDY? WELL I SURE HOPE NOTHIN' SERIOUS HAS HAPPENED TO HIM HE OWES ME IVE BUCkS THIS PAPER THINKS HES GONE SOMEPLACE WITH AMNESIA1 AMNESIA WHO? I KNOW WHAT I'LL HELP YOU WITH YOUW HOMEWORK' TWNKf EVERY NKaMT NOW rHILDRM TO play a darling blindfold COME ON a izMt i 1 1 ure 7a run trail WHAT did tpi tju rl nra 15 IN JHE BAG? mIoral'B3pa lNel i I I nWp I A EWE A A lEIaJl I YRHt SEA Lp NITE RBI I A EG A191 3h I SEIS aleSMI ilsT AjpTsHi pB Ag AG I AMS AG 8MP A I wU BBMW1O A NQN A A AILIe LOPER NSmL A A ep en sden se 1 1 1 1 A CAR AS hTTnrr DAZE 7 ll JC' 'Xll il A A I A KEYTAIl 4 lift SHi ft a ay's! Jg A rfta inc rcKLZ de 1 R4Y BOY KERRY EVERY VfcWESfc I IMte Mk A 1 iMt ntumuat: I bUKUNb 5HKINK5 I ANCJiHck MILLION! 1 MK it I WONPER WHO'LL OPAB i I IEO zradk af ffmawaan ri jtz tJ I wwi jBBI a NftA I chunk IM csM i 1 MiIWjW Ow Wi flffr 11 taaig vofikwA Ishams vsn uX LOBS isra i yx ok Mi IBil I I VWWUteK WHA 1 ALA AwP TioTw Jc TUJE 1 WE ARE TO I GLAD MAGGIE IS HAVE OR GlVIN' THE ORDERS DINNER TO THE NEW MAIO LEADING MAN WITH THE CORNNEY DRAMA CO MRS UIGGS HAS ASKED ME TO DINNER TONIGHT hao Will INSTEAD HER WILL YOU INORM HER I Kfe TELLIN' US WHAT I SHALL RETURN AT SIX IO EAT AND DO ion A AROUND HERE! (w JWff Vi fN a YS TWr ''z AAVtaAtr yA gl jsr rm Ert ttffiffiH jt Ev Um SfSa Oer 1 11 Vi BArr 1 1 LT II I I I I R'JWw Wssstx Its: sSImhb 1 KLEI (f 1 zTtx 4 1 nn 4 A Cz I i 1 iud Pt? 1LJ 1 LL1 Lb IK8S' kl Il teilltdfT E3I I I 13SM I'iK OU 6A TCDOII i a 1 a ax i Jter TSRStsr' II I I EWS'i 4 iJ WONUtk WHERE SELENE ADAIR i i nwr'v ini inn 'JKK 7 a twe'iri ktaMMMPwrr mi x'O' i 11 1 9 i i i bmhi 1'1 gt zb 1 ES iwb THAT WAS YOUNG Steve) 0 NtT I WE I 1 ARRIS si la fin I iflh KMT Ct I ill I I fb 11 If ft Keue A' I fkl ir I U4 4 BMWlv'iz' 4 vi VJiETX Ill I 1 jl J1 XX YW lMAvwW I Mil lyflK I I I 1 1 1 iu ulj iMV ai wavenn Ai nLILCL UTIIECV VMPi a rpa XI uri PAI ANIJ Vt a lit LLwCEL fSAiz nruiA 1 VTOXIiL LAN ry Mil 1 AP If T1WT I i 'JItT ZJYK X51 i iiaHJ HMMraw ii iiiw MBmaoca i 1Z ath' a rt A If A WJYi 1 I 1 1 raafli AXVjkYJlX 1 A jWA "zj i rr sgsS ''p 3 mJ i 1 Cow tWK Kin I ft i I i I jr A'9UAmr a C3 'WTO? fgsiirarzb wl LU I VBi n7a i I BUT POP? THAT'S THE HOMEWORK I HIINK ALMOST PUNISHED YOU OR MY OWN 7 Rai I rr 1 YOU HELPED ME DO SOMETHING NICE I I vv i Las i xT OR YOU TO MAKE I UP OR IT KZ jS Gra I 4 A z4 "Vfr "y' tHvA jT Afl TTiimirirTTnirKiMTiiHiriwoitHfiiiHuttMHiHguiutmMifena yT Srndmte lac VnriJ riiu mnuihsssfflrrWiH "Ly wnmiJ 1 11 WW idV tP 3Siir IWVir rtBTi' VI niBfilWW I ypr jriijiiiir i IB Iwlil If JLJl fill" a I 1TCW I I wK7 dgawBfiBA 9 WX i V3 nm UL WW BHHBm 4jA X5WMBro7qu 1 I I i Bi I iwaSr7 11 JawWOLr fir gffA giTTiEnsErrfAAttAi '4 4 bp zi i i fa'se wa I E'A'rWZf Wl I A X1 v' tfS I 1 is l7 A tsK 1 "WrHAL a 1 Ax ''jOk' z3K i afflSHfP'" vrn I tesfei Xx zLOtil A I I 41 4 ytttotecL 7 i I JZ J'S 1 tC a BwMWr A HC' (f' JbUMSTEAD AA JUA (V xSy? jSBHf Luuj 1 RI zflCg BV 2 1 A 3 7 tO HI 75 tT ii Jr Of3a 33 as LM IB JL JI w4 El 35T Si SA rr 50 58 iSo Z7 Os "Ozr LJ Mill WZ agg JU jaSESEMia rr ifis i rSMEi 11 I 1 fl jglA 11 7 Aajliec eri KI tri t'A PWtaBers ByMieate Ml ISN HE THE BOY YOul BAWLED OUT OR TRY ING TO KISS YOU THE OTHER N1G WHATS HE DOING BACJC HERE uw X'WL i 33 i 7 li NOT A BAD BOAT I THE A EW NAILS BOTTOM WAS ALL TUEPE ANDA BOARD OR TWO WILL THAT JS 5 sgi' JIIIWIMIBlWiif i i I I a 8 I 1.

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